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How to clean up your social media?

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For many people, social media is a big part of their life. They use it to connect with friends and relatives, to promote themselves and their businesses, and even to stay up to date with current events. Want to grow your social media following and gain a large audience for your business? Then SocialGreg can help you accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, it’s also a breeding ground for negativity and hates speech. You can block individual users in a variety of ways, but you might prefer to clean up your entire account at once. If so, in this article we will go through how to clean up your social media.

How to clean up your social media?

Social media has become a mainstay in modern society, but many users find it difficult to navigate the platforms’ flood of unwanted content. Here are some tips for cleaning up your social media accounts:

1. Delete old tweets

Twitter is the easiest network to clean up because it allows you to delete individual tweets. To remove a tweet from your timeline, click on the ellipses at the end of it and select “delete.” This will take you to that exact tweet so you can confirm before deleting it.

2. Eliminate any content that could harm your reputation

This includes any words, pictures, or videos that are humiliating for the other person. Consider deleting these items from all of your social media accounts. Delete unflattering photos or videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then change your privacy settings so no one else can see them.

3. Consider your personal information

Data security is a major concern for today’s corporations and countries. People often make poor choices about how to safeguard their own personal data. It is important to be cautious about what personal information you share online. Delete them once they’ve been online for a while.

4. Check all of your social media accounts

Keep personal information and other details out of documents you share with others. Review your About Page or Profile to make sure the blurbs are still relevant. Review the apps and connections on your social media accounts to make sure that they are consistent with your image now.

5. Reduce the selfie process

The selfie trend is popular, but posting too many pictures of yourself making goofy faces can make potential employers think that you’re immature or selfish. If you are having trouble deciding which selfies to erase, ask an adult for help.

6. Establish a hit list

When editing your profile, first consider the image and message you want to convey. Examine every aspect of your profiles—including your bio, what you read and watch, as well as which organizations you are a part of—to ensure everything clicks.

7. Facebook

You can’t delete Facebook posts from years ago, but there are ways to hide them from public view. You can also make sure that only friends see certain posts by making them private. To remove an old post altogether, click on “Details” under the cover photo at the top of your page and then press “X” next to any entry you want going.

8. Delete unneeded groups

If there are groups that you don’t participate in anymore, remove yourself from them. This will also help prevent spamming from happening as well as reduce the number of notifications that come through in your feed each day.


While the specific practices you employ to clean up your social media presence may vary from the services and sites mentioned in this article. Generally, the message will remain the same: maintain control over your online identity, pay attention to your online image, and express yourself thoughtfully.

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