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I’m just saying.

(The only reason I’m on the page is so the author of the article can link to it.

That’s exactly the situation you have to be in when you’re asked to paint the interior of your new home. You have to choose a color that will be part of your decor, you have to decide on the décor for the entire house, and you have to decide on paint for your entire home. I’m just throwing this out there because I am totally convinced that this is a problem that can make you think twice about getting new construction paint.

Well, when it comes to paint, it is true that the majority of the decisions that homeowners make are based upon color. But there are other factors that can influence the decision.

I think that it is a good decision to do a color-change for a new home. The choice for a new home is based on how the colors are presented on the inside of the house and what the walls are supposed to look like. For example, the room to the right of the front door is usually painted gray, but some of the windows are painted red, and some of the windows are painted blue.

But then again, the choices can be influenced by a number of factors. Perhaps if you are going with a color scheme that involves a lot of light colors, you would want the windows to be painted black. Or if you are going with a color scheme that is more abstract, you might want the windows to be painted transparent. The more you can see around your house, the more likely you are to make solid decisions about what colors are appropriate.

This is sort of like asking if you should paint your walls white. The choice really depends on what colors are already in your home and what you want to be changed. If you have a lot of wood or reds and blues in your home, you might want to use black and clear, rather than white and blue. On the other hand, if you live in a house that is mostly white, it is probably a good idea to paint the walls black.

Wood houses tend to be more neutral with many shades of gray in them, and black is the color of death. So if there is a lot of black in your home, I think it is a good idea to paint the walls black, but white might be a good compromise.

Because we’re talking about killing people, perhaps a bit of a tongue in cheek warning: Black might be the color of death, but it’s also pretty much the color of death for a lot of people, so don’t do it.

The color black, I can’t think of a better way to communicate “I want you to die.

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