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wood stove heat shield ideas

My wood stove heat shield is a unique project that I recently designed and built using reclaimed wood from my father-in-law’s wood shop. I built this as a way to protect the metal stove from heat so the metal cookware would not burn through. It has a very simple design that is easy to build, and it comes with a step by step build video that you can view below.

I think it’s one of the most useful wood stove heat shields in our house. It is a simple, yet effective way to protect your cookware from heat damage. This is especially important if you’re cooking outdoors in the summer, where it can get really hot.

The problem is that most wood stove heat shields would have burned out of their design by a little while before. With your current design, you want to minimize the amount of heat the wood stoves will burn out of the metal stove, and you want that to avoid them burning out of the wood stove when you build it.

I’m a fan of wood stove heat shields. The idea is to keep the wood stove from burning out of the metal stove as well. The steel stove is where the heat will be the most concentrated and therefore the longest. The heat shield is made from a thicker piece of material than the steel stove, while the wood stove is made from a thinner piece.

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