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wood walls in shower

One of the most common bathroom renovations that we see is the addition of a wood shower wall. There are a lot of benefits to wood walls like: they add a beautiful splash of color and pattern, they increase your bathroom’s visual appeal, and they add a level of privacy. The problem is that a wood wall, especially a wood shower wall, can be a pain to install.

With wood walls, there are two issues that can arise. One, you’re going to have to sand down the rough edges of the wood to make the wall smooth, which can be a hassle. Two, you’re going to have to cut the wood into the appropriate size for your shower. This can be a time-consuming process depending on how hard you want to work.

the problem I have is I feel like the wood walls look like theyre made out of a wood like plastic, so the fact that they’re the same color as the rest of the bathroom makes it look cheap and unappealing. If you go with spray paint, youll have to decide whether you want a wood bathroom or a wood bathroom all together.

I think wood will work better, I just don’t know for sure. The reason is because wood is a lot more expensive than plastic. You’ll find that if you order the exact same wood for a traditional bathroom, it can cost you a pretty penny. Plus, wooden is usually more dense, and its grain can be more smooth and even. If you order an exact match, you can save money on the paint.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you can always buy the cheapest wood that you can, and just make sure to order the exact match, because you might only get an exact match. In case you’re wondering, the cheapest thing to do is to order a shower door that has wood on it and just paint it.

Its a great idea too because you can use the shower door for other things, like a wood-framed fireplace. Just make sure it has good ventilation and is also reasonably spacious.

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