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The post you are about to read is going to talk about how you can start building backlinks for profit in the blockchain world. This is one of those topics that a lot of people have questions about, but there hasn’t been a lot of answers on the topic. Well, this post isn’t going to answer all those questions, but it will give you some insight on what is possible when it comes down to talking about backlinking in the blockchain backlink arena and how you can benefit from creating backlinks as well.

1. Creating content.

Anything that you can create on your own without any one helping you will be the easiest way for you to start creating backlinks. This would include videos, pictures, blog posts, and articles. Remember, if your content is worth sharing in the eyes of other people then they will most likely share it on social media or embed it in their blog posts ico promotion. If that happens, then you are going to have a great opportunity to start getting some good backlinks to your site as well as help build credibility online and start getting a name for yourself in the blockchain arena.

2. Paid advertising.

There is also the option of paid advertising. This means that you are going to have to hire a third-party company to help you with getting the attention that you want for your content. There are different companies out there that can help, but they all don’t come cheap. The key here is going to be paying and understanding what it takes to get the results that you want from choosing one of these companies or individuals.

3. Buying backlinks.

The next option would be buying backlinks, which sounds a little shady, but there is nothing wrong with it if done correctly. There is an opportunity out there for you to buy links that are going to boost your own page rankings in the search engines. Of course, there are some cons in doing this because it can get you penalized if discovered, but if done correctly with legitimate sites then you will be okay when it comes down to doing this.

4. Guest posting.

Another way that you can create backlinks from within the blockchain world would be through guest posting service on various websites and blogs token marketing. The key here is finding a blog or website where you feel your post will fit and start building from there. Just remember, if you are going to do this start with sites that are not too big as they will most likely ignore your request. Start small, get some good practice, and then expand from there. Find our site list here.

5. Another way to create backlinks is by using blogging networks. 

If you are looking for a place that is going to have a lot of potential for you to build links and will be a good place for you to start getting traffic for the future would be using a blog network to help build your credibility online as well as getting more exposure online than if you were working on your own.

6. Another way to build backlinks is by using Reddit.

Reddit is one of those places that can be good or bad depending on how you do it. You should be aware of how much traffic your post is going to get, but if the traffic does come in then the backlinks that you get for the post are going to be worth it as well. Do this on a regular basis and you will start seeing the results that you want from Reddit quite easily.

7. Building link networks from within the blockchain world.

This is one of the best ways that you can start with link building because you don’t have to sell your links back to anyone. You just have to start building your own link network where the backlinks are going to be worth something as well as prove that you are a trustworthy person online. For example, if you build networks around blockchains such as Ethereum, then there is going to be a lot of people who will be willing to use them for their own rewards and will also help with getting more traffic on your site as well.

8. Use of guest blogging platforms.

The last way that you can start building backlinks for profit would be by using a guest blogging platform like HubSpot or BuzzSumo . This is a great way for you to get your name and website out there on different blogs within the blockchain world. Remember, you have to choose your blog carefully though as not everyone who is going to feature your article is going to be right for you. It will take some time, but it will be worth it in the end!

9. Q&A sites

Using question and answer based websites like Quora or Yahoo Answers are something else that you can consider if you want to get more links back to your site or blog posts. Just remember, don’t try and cheat these sites they will find out and penalize your page and/or delete your account if they need to do so.

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