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mango wood console table

It is with that premise that we made this beautiful wooden console table. I love the wood grain of this piece and I love the way the wood frames the beautiful pattern, but the finish on the top and the drawer fronts are just really beautiful.

The mango wood of this console table is actually real mango wood. It comes from a mango tree that grows on a beach in Brazil. Just like the console table, mango wood is a relatively new material so it’s a bit of a novelty.

I could not be happier with the mango wood console table I just made. It took my dad and I about five hours to finish and it’s one of the most beautiful consoles I’ve ever made. It’s also one of the most affordable.

This mango wood console table is very sturdy and will last for many years.

Although it may seem that apple wood would be the cheapest material, I have found that other woods are much cheaper than mango wood. For example pine, fir, and cedar wood are less expensive than mango wood but are not as strong as apple wood so they are probably not as durable.

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