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woodpile fun

A wood pile is a small pile of logs stacked around a fire. The idea is to have the fire at the base of the pile, and to have logs on top of that. The pile is not in danger, and if the fire catches, you can easily put it out, and no one will know. What you do with the wood can be done in the same manner.

The wood pile is very common in the woods, but can be a bit of a risk if the fire gets out of control. The wood pile can also be a great and easy place to keep your stash of marijuana. I think it’s important to know how to safely use the pile, and there are a few tips that will help you. The best advice I’ve found is to stack the logs up to three or four layers deep and make sure they are evenly spaced in the fire.

The wood pile can be a fun place to stash marijuana, or a good place to throw it out.

The reason I say this is because woodpile is actually very hard to get into because of the fire. The fire is the most important part of the wood pile, because it heats the wood and then the timber melts and dries, which makes the logs sink into the fire. I recommend that you use a small tinderbox and a lighter to set the pile on fire.

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